Photo by Carly Deyton - January 2013

Welcome to my website which features my beloved Glen of Imaal Terriers.  

I first became involved in Glen of Imaal Terriers in 1993, after a lifetime of having other terrier breeds. Since then I have traveled all over and met many wonderful Glen folks and their dogs. Some of them have put together wonderful websites about the history and characteristics of this breed.  Please visit Kennel McCormac and Bregorrey Glens

Glens are quite photogenic, so please enjoy the photos in our Gallery.  However, despite their wonderful good looks, Glens are not the breed for everyone! Please read these links for more information on what living with a Glen is like:  Is a Glen of Imaal for Me? and About Glens.  

It is because of my Glens, specifically my first Glen, that I became involved in a more holistic approach to raising dogs, and to life in general. I am now a passionate believer in Natural Rearing, and hope that you will find the information here both interesting and informative. There are Lists and Links for your continued research.

Thanks so much to Karen Smith of Eleventh Hour Design for the great design work and all the patience... this website would never have happened without her!


Martha Parry


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