Book List

Work Wonders: Feed your Dog Raw - Tom Lonsdale DVM

Natural Nutrition for Dogs & Cats: The Ultimate Diet - Kymythy Schultze

Switching to Raw - Susan K. Johnson

The BARF Diet - Ian Billinghurst DVM

::Natural Rearing::
Homeopathic Care for Dogs and Cats - Don Hamilton DVM

The Nature of Animal Healing - Martin Goldstein DVM

Vaccine Guide for Dogs and Cats - Catherine Diodati

Natural Immunity by Pat McKay    
(free e-book!)

::Behavior and Training::
Culture Clash - Jean Donaldson

Dogs Naturally

Breed Info

Glen websites:
Poweiri Kennel (USA)
Bregorrey Glens (UK)
Glen Services (UK)
McCormac Kennel (Denmark)
Kennel Gleann (Finland)   
Glen Rescue Foundation

Breed Standards:
The American Kennel Club (USA)
The Kennel Club (UK)  
The United Kennel Club (USA)

FCI Standard (the rest of the world)


Nutrition for Companion Carnivores

The Whole(istic) Truth about Pet Food

Myths about the Raw Food diet


Vaccinations- Needed or Not?

Vaccines: Are they safe for your dog?

Truth About Vaccines

Raw Food Sources

Hare Today
Everything from ground parts to whole animals!

Blue Ridge Beef    
100% pure meat (many varieties), no additives or preservatives

Steves Real Food
Frozen and freeze dried raw food, the latter is
great for traveling and having on hand for emergencies

Mixes and pure ground meat/bone
Also excellent freeze dried treats!

Oma's Pride
Mixes and ground meat/bone, exotic items (ostrich, buffalo, etc)

Other Websites

Raw Learning
Includes listing of raw diet email lists

Natural Rearing
More articles, and breeder directory

Heartworm: A Realistic Look (pdf file)


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